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Is it legal to dispense medication from a physician’s office?


It is legal for physicians to dispense medication in majority of the states. New Jersey and New York dispensing laws are heavily restricted making it more difficult to financially benefit from dispensing. Physician dispensing is illegal in TX, MT, UT, AR, and MA. 

Will it take additional staff time to dispense medication?


Not at all. Dispensing medications directly to patients is a seamless and easy process. MDRx allows you to eliminate the time spent communicating with pharmacies and patients regarding prescriptions. 

How does MDRx handle multiple physicians in an office?

Our industry-leading dispensing solution will allow you to setup as many users in the system as you require. Each user has their own username and password and the individual privileges can be managed by an administrator.

Does MDRx work with EMR Systems?


Yes, MDRx can be fully integrated into most EMR systems by simply installing software through a website link you will receive by email. When installed, our e-Rx certified software will automatically link to your existing EMR system, allowing seamless dispensing to your dispensary (or another designated pharmacy). If MDRx does not integrate into your current EMR system we will work with you and your practice to permit connectivity.

Does MDrx comply with meaningful use requirements?

Yes, as a healthcare provider, you know that Meaningful Use means more than improved technology; the implementation of EMR or EHR systems is intended to improve patient care and population health while reducing the overall costs of healthcare. MDRx and its technology partners deliver on that goal. MDRx also empowers physicians to access and identify potential side effects and adverse interactions at the time of prescribing, saving time and delay in patient treatment.

MDRx can help you achieve these essential goals. Physicians that do not establish meaningful use may lose substantial compensation through Medicare payment reductions. Providers that fail to meet meaningful use will begin getting penalized, even if they use EHR systems. Let MDRx help you meet your meaningful use requirements.

Will dispensing medication impact my malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance for physicians covers the distribution or dispensing of samples. A physician’s license allows the physician to prescribe and dispense medication. Typically there should not be an increase in premiums but verify with your insurance carrier.

Does MDRx provide automated prescription monitoring program (PMP) reporting? 

Yes, MDRx provides you and your physician practice automated monthly PMP or controlled substance dispensing reports to your state’s Prescription Monitoring Program or PMP. If you practice medicine and dispense in multiple states, MDRx can be set to create multiple automatic reports. MDRx removes the worry from having to gather and report PMP reports on a monthly basis and automatically files those reports with your state.

Does dispensing comply with state and federal drug dispensing regulations?

Yes, medications are bottled, safety-sealed, and labeled in compliance with federal and state regulations, allowing for efficient and easy on-site dispensing.

Is MDRx HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! MDRx abides by the Privacy and Security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act, including the HITECH requirements. We understand the importance of patient’s privacy and the security of his or her Personal Health Information (PHI).

Is MDRx compliant with HR 3204?

MDrx is compliant with HR 3204, the New Drug Safety and Security Act mandating significant changes in the requirements for pharmacies and wholesalers to manage the supply stream of prescription drugs.