Is Your Practice Achieving It's Revenue Goals?

How are your revenue goals doing so far? We are halfway through 2019. Is your clinical practice on track to reach your 2019 revenue goals? Did you know that there are other ways of increasing revenue besides cutting payroll and other costs? You can increase your 2019 revenue and beyond with Physician Dispensing. 

Why Physician Dispensing

There is no doubt that insurance premiums will be on the rise and insurance payouts to you, the physician will be less and less. What if you could help your patients and increase your bottom line year after year? You can with the MDRx physician-dispensing platform.  Studies have shown that approximately 1 of 3 prescriptions goes unfilled with another 20% never being picked up at the pharmacy. By dispensing medication at the point of care, physicians are able to ensure that their patient leaves with their medication on hand.  


Do you know how many hours each week you or your staff is using to call, fax and email in prescriptions? How many calls do you receive each week from patients needing refills? Even if it is only 2 hours per week, multiple that by 52 weeks and that ends up being thousands of dollars per year in payroll. Now imagine saving all that time and manpower plus making more money from dispensing medication at your practice.  With the MDRx platform you will increase productivity, save on payroll and create an additional revenue stream. 

The MDRx difference

MDRx has partnered with leading software companies to provide the most robust, user-friendly and comprehensive dispensing platform in the market.  The MDRx platform is time and date stamped allowing full track and traceability of all products managed in the system. MDRx includes a patient data import function that will allow the user to quickly import existing records into the system. Seamless import of incoming product data (including lots and expirations) allow the user to perpetually manage all aspects of inventory, including low inventory notifications, order placement, dispense transactions, adjudication, recalls, returns, inventory transfers, holds, and more. Because a typical prescription can be dispensed in near real time, MDRx will eliminate the need for will-call, put-backs and reverse claims adjudications.

MDRx offers patient convenience, cost and time savings, while significantly decreasing the risk of prescription errors.  In addition, our platform provides immediate adjudication of claims from third party payers, which insures quick and optimal reimbursement.

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