MDRx empowers physicians to dispense medication directly to patients. Ensure your patients get the medication they need.

Founded by practicing pharmacists with years of experience in the operational workflow of retail pharmacies, MDRx helps physicians provide improved care for their patients while also maximizing profits for their private practice. When medications are dispensed at the point of care, prescriptions won’t go unfilled and patient compliance is more easily ensured. Built on the pillars of knowledge, experience and customer care, MDRx is committed to providing the best end-to-end solution in the physician dispensing industry. Learn about the benefits →

We will custom-tailor a program for every practice: a turn-key solution that includes all necessary training and support.





Our strong purchasing power provides savings without compromising quality. We work directly with the largest pre-packaged wholesalers and manufacturers that meet our strict criteria for compliance, effectiveness, availability, safety, and quality. All of our supplier partners are fully DEA and FDA-licensed drug manufacturers and wholesalers who support accurate and secure distribution in the United States (as applicable by law). MDRx has also partnered with leading software companies to provide the most robust, user-friendly, and comprehensive dispensing platform in the industry.

Pre-packaged medications are both high-quality and quickly dispensed: double safety-sealed bottles packaged in DEA and FDA-certified clean room facilities that exceed the strict quality control standards set by these regulatory agencies. Learn about our platform →